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If your website does not work on all devices...

Then your website is not working for you!

A few of the websites we recently converted to a Responsive Web Design (RWD) because SIZE DOES MATTER!

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When it comes to RWD, not all designs are created equal!

Viewport 16.5 inch laptopViewport Samsung Galaxy

Your website looks great on a PC or Laptop, but how about a Samsung Galaxy? Here's an example. Using Cenlyt's old design, you can see the difference of what a non-responsive website looks like on the two screens. And while the screen images are simulated, the screen size and viewport are proportionally correct. In fact, a non-responsive website looks approximately 30% smaller on a Samsung Galaxy. But it will probably look okay on a Kindle Fire, but then again, that screen is only 880 pixels wide.

And don't forget you've got four major operating systems (Apple, Blackberry, Google and Microsoft) on numerous devices including Droids, iPhones, Windows Smart Phones, Nook, Motorola, HTC, Blackberry and the list goes on and on.


Contact CENLYT Productions ms designs and we'll make your website fit and function effortlessly for your customers on virtually every mobile device because IF YOU'RE NOT AHEAD OF YOUR COMPETITION...


  • Fine Home Displays "Marshall!! You rock!"
  • KidzCraft "Fantastic, new site up, thanks! Thank you so much for the speedy work you have done on our site.. "
  • Godspell "you are awesome - theee best!!!!! Thank you sooo very much."
  • IndiGoBus "You did good on the upload for the site, it looks great !!! (After receiving an unsolicited comment from a user about how well indigobus.com works on a phone) That's great to get a compliment. It really not us, its your great work. So hats off to ya!"
  • From Our Heart "Mobile sales now account for about 40% where there were hardly any before"

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Website Design

Website Design

"If your website does not work on all devices, then your website is not working for you!" These are not mere words. Cenlyt makes sure your website works as well on mobile devices as it does on a PC.

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Shopping Carts

CENLYT is a registered designer for Ecommerce Templates shopping cart software. Regardless of the size of your on-line store, we can build a website to accomodate your every need.

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The internet is a visual medium and nothing makes a statement faster than a quality graphic. A picture is, after all, worth a thousand words. Regardless of the medium, we can make an impact for you!

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